If you’re here, it’s because you are interested to know about me.

I am Àlex Tremps,  a photographer by profession and by vocation. Busy father of Arnau, Abril and little Aleix.


I have been working in the photo and audiovisual sector for 13 years, improving, learning and defining my style day by day. 

Here you will find wedding photography, my commercial work page is separated from social, you will find it at: www.alextremps.com


My work is based on connecting with people. Because without their collaboration, you cannot create the images you have in your head. They are the basis of the entire work.

If you are a couple who wants to have a report with a different firm, contact me now!




Since 2010 I have been working as a social photographer and audiovisual producer.

Senior technician degree in image and photography CFGS

Professor of photography, lighting and lighting at the CIFOG higher education school in Girona.

Director of Photography at the ECIB school in Barcelona.

DRONE pilot of the AESA agency.


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